Techno Talk, May 2017

Location : Indonesia Convention Exhibition, BSD City, Indonesia
Date          : 18 May 2017

Techno Talk 2017 was held on 18th May 2017 during the Indonesia Construction Technology Expo taking place from 17th to 21st May 2017 in Jakarta.

In the efforts to improve and accelerate the actualization of public infrastructure development through partnership schemes with private enterprises, the organizers of the biggest building material and technology expo gathered industrial experts, key decision markers, and professionals to explore and discuss positive and active participation by the private sector in Indonesia’s construction industry.

Czech Republic Embassy Event, May 2017

Location : Mandarin Oriental Hotel Jakarta
Date          : 8-9 May 2017

Key representatives of Vantage Commerce were invited by the Czech Republic Trade Mission to join the Czech delegation (including the Merko CZ Sales Director, Mr. Jakub Koudela) to participate in receptions at the Embassy to Indonesia, the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

The receptions and B2G meetings were majorly focused on the trade relationship between Indonesia and the Czech Republic. Vantage Commerce being the sole distributor for Merko CZ products in ASEAN, we were given the opportunity to introduce our regional capabilities for the upcoming joint projects between the two nations. The Team was eager to network and interact closely with the Czech Republic delegates and Indonesian stakeholders during the event to foster brand awareness and to explore new possibilities of cooperation.

HATTI Event, November 2016

Location : Hotel Bidakara Jakarta, Indonesia
Date          : 15-16 November 2016

Vantage Commerce was honored to be part of the annual national event of Himpunan Ahli Teknik Tanah Indonesia (“HATTI”).

Apart from being the main contributor to the Indonesia Society for Geotechnical Engineering, HATTI is also a member of the International Society for Soil Mechanic and Geotechnical Engineering. During this annual event, HATTI provided a platform for local and international experts to share knowledge and experience in the field with hopes to collaborate with HATTI to accelerate infrastructure construction in Indonesia. The conference is widely recognised and this year, it was attended by around 800 guests ranging from industrial experts, professionals to university students and faculties in the field of geotechnical engineering.

Vantage Commerce and our supplier, Terra-Mix, presented the cutting-edge impulse compaction technology to the HATTI society, along with the impulse compaction fundamentals and theoretical approach of Terra-Mix to the society from Prof. Dr. Dietmar Adam and Prof. Dr. Christoph Adam of Technische Universität Wien. Apart from that, we used the opportunity to introduce Zydex Industries’ soil stabilization products to interested attendees of the event. The highly innovative use of nanotechnology in this field makes the TerraSil and ZycoBond products a global game changer for soil improvement projects.

Konstruksi Indonesia, November 2016

Location : Jakarta Convention Center, Indonesia
Date          : 9- 11 November 2016

Konstruksi Indonesia is the only annual event hosted by the Indonesia Ministry of Public Works and Housing.  It was also co-located with the internationally renowned trade show, The Big 5 Construct Indonesia, and was held in conjunction with the Indonesia Infrastructure Week which consisted of three related vertical sector trade shows. This mega event attracts a wide array of decision makers in the Indonesia construction industry.

Being the fastest growing construction market in South East Asia, valued at USD $164 billion, Indonesia is the one target destination for construction and infrastructure related firms. Hence, to among the exhibitors has given Vantage Commerce the platform to create and maintain a strong brand awareness in Indonesia.

The team showcased the Vantage Commerce concrete product line, including Zimmerman Volumetric Truck Mixers and Merko CZ’s solutions for mobile and stationary concrete batching plants, MOBA HMI systems for construction vehicle automation, impulse compaction technology from Terra-Mix, and Zydex’s water-resistant layer treatment during the exhibition. Vantage Commerce has gained valuable insights and developed relationships with key shareholders which will be invaluable to move forward in supporting Indonesia’s infrastructure growth.

We, as the Vantage Commerce Management Team, would also like to express our sincere gratitude to Ir. Yusid Toyib, Director General of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing for visiting our booth with his team.

Concrete Asia, September 2016

Location : IMPACT Event and Convention Center,
Bangkok, Thailand
Date          : 21-23 September 2016

Concrete Asia 2016 was the first edition of Bangkok’s own international exhibition and conference for the concrete and building construction industry. The industry was presented the latest in concrete, concrete surfaces, decorative concrete, material handling, concrete production, cement, building materials, construction equipment and machinery with the latest technologies and techniques to sustain and grow relevant business fields. The event was held alongside the Asian Construction Week from 21 – 23 September 2016 at IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center in Bangkok, Thailand.

Vantage Commerce showcased their concrete product line, including Zimmerman Volumetric Truck Mixers and Merko CZ’s solutions for mobile and stationary concrete batching plants. The Concrete Asia show was the first large scale event for Vantage Commerce since the foundation of their Thai subsidiary Vantage Infrastructure Thailand Co., Ltd in August 2016. The visitors’ feedback to the displayed technologies has been positive and hence, the Team is looking forward to the 2017 edition of Concrete Asia.

HATTI Meeting and Presentation, June 2016

Location : Hotel Santika Premiere Slipi, Jakarta
Date          : 22 June 2016

HATTI is the Indonesian Society For Geotechnical Engineering. The organisation is also a member society of International Society for Soil Mechanic and Geotechnical Engineering.

It calls for local and international experts, private organisations, researchers, government agencies, and universities into meetings to present their expertise in their field to collaborate with HATTI to accelerate infrastructure construction in Indonesia.

Vantage Commerce was honored to be given the opportunity to present our distributed technology during the meeting. Together with our suppliers, MOBA, MERKO CZ and Terra-Mix Technology, Vantage Commerce presented our products, machines and equipment to the HATTI society to share how the machines and equipment are able to boost the Indonesian infrastructure and construction industry.

Indonesia Infrastructure Week 2015

Location : Jakarta Convention Center
Date          : 4-6 November 2015

The honourable Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing Indonesia and the National Construction Services Development (LPJKN) host its only event every year in conjunction with Indonesia Infrastructure Week, the prestigious Konstruksi Indonesia (KI), to seek and provide a marketplace for the experts in the infrastructure, civil engineering and construction industry field to market and sell directly to Indonesia’s key decision makers.

In its’ 14th edition of this event last year, it has seen 152 exhibiting companies from 21 countries with more than 7000 visitors from all over the world. Being part of this exciting event, Vantage Commerce exhibited our suppliers’ advanced technology to provide solutions to Indonesia’s civil engineering and infrastructure field.

Our advanced technologies, such as MOBA’s automation systems for construction vehicles, Terra-Mix foundation and substructure technologies as well as MERKO CZ’s customisable concrete batching plants have placed Vantage Commerce strategically amongst the top 20 exhibitors of KI 2015 handpicked by the Ministry of Public Works.