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The HLC-1000 weighing system for wheel loaders is an easy-to-operate, economical add-on system for dynamic weight check during loading. It prevents overloading of trucks in gravel plants, avoiding unnecessary fines that would otherwise be charged, in the event of overloading. The system also saves time, being that the desired quantity is loaded right from the start, making trips to a stationary scale, with repeated loading and unloading, no longer necessary. The weighing system is suitable in a wide range of areas, whether loading building supplies or waste to landfills.

System Features

  • Recording and display of weight
  • Clear, understandable symbolic representation
  • Intuitive operation
  • Auto-total or entry of target weight
  • Processing and display of multiple orders
  • 3.5 inch display, day and night design

System Benefits

  • Dynamic weighing without stopping
  • No stationary scale necessary
  • Time savings
  • Prevents overloading
  • Encoder enables operation even with gloves

Related System Components

Graphic Control Panel GDC-320

  • Easy to operate
  • Clear visual icon driven instructions
  • CODESYS programmable
  • Clear indication of all connected sensors

Slope control sensor

  • 2-axis sensor
  • Measuring range ±60°
  • CAN-Interface
  • Zero adjustment via infrared interface
  • Ingress protection IP67

Controller SC-106

  • Digitalization of analog signals
  • CAN-Interface
  • Ingress protection IP67

Pressure sensors

  • Measure hydraulic pressure in front of and behind the hydraulic cylinder
  • Sensor interface: PWM/analog
  • Robust


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