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The MCA-3000 is an add-on roller system for optimum compaction in earthworks as well as asphalt paving on tandem rollers and single-drum compactors. The compaction system enables efficient roller use and supports the driver by visualizing all important compaction information on the color display. The compaction parameters are coming with the positioning data of the GNSS system. With the information on the display, the driver can identify areas that have been sufficiently compacted and areas where passes are still necessary. The material can be uniformly and optimally compacted  with the quality of work and structure, improved. The compaction data is then available as verification of quality and for tracking the course of the project. As a special feature for asphalt paving, the system also uses infrared sensors to record the temperature of the road surface, visualizing it on the display. Thus, the driver always knows where the asphalt is at the optimum compaction temperature. This helps to avoid compacting asphalt that is too hot or too cold.  Factors that frequently lead to road damages or premature wear.

System Features

  • Records the number of passes
  • SBAS based
  • TerraStar
  • Compares the actual number of overruns with the target number
  • Displays this information in real time on the color display
  • Saves all data as quality verification
  • Documentation of the work results

For Asphalt Compaction

  • Infrared sensor for measuring the asphalt temperature
  • Display of temperature and passes
  • Allows compaction in optimum temperature range
  • Helps avoiding compaction of too cold or hot asphalt

System Benefits

  • Clearly structured visualization of the compaction progress in real time
  • Increases productivity
  • Improves compaction quality
  • Avoids over- and undercompaction
  • More efficient roller use
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Simple and rapid installation and handling
  • Quality verification through data storage
  • Suitable for use in earthworks and for asphalt paving
  • Can be installed on all types of rollers

Related System Components

Operand MCA-2000 – On-board computer

  • 7 inch transflective color display
  • Graphic presentation of the work process
  • Data transfer between machine and office via USB interface or web server
  • Clear, visual icon driven instructions
  • Backlit keypad
  • Self explanatory error messages

GNSS antenna

  • SBAS-based
  • TerraStar
  • Exact positioning
  • Robust
  • CAN-Interface

Signal conditioner

  • Possibility to connect up to four additional temperature sensors
  • Can be used under all climatic conditions
  • Small, robust design
  • CAN-Interface
  • Conversion from I²C to CANopen

IR temperature sensor

  • Material temperature measurement
  • Position of sensor is flexible
  • Temperature information in real time
  • Ingress protection IP65
  • CAN-Interface


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