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MOBA-matic II

The MOBA-matic II has firmly established itself as the world’s leading and most flexible leveling system for pavers. This modular system enables a flexible choice of sensors, depending upon the application.  It achieves a high planarity during asphalt paving. This system is easy to install and simple to operate. Using just four main buttons, all important functions can be controlled, as well as the height and slope of the paver screed, adjusted. This increases the paving output of the machine, preventing  the paving of too little or too much material, thus increasing  the paving quality and planarity.

With the MOBA-matic II control panel, screed control is even easier. Operation of the basic functions is extremely simple, through the use of just four buttons and a clearly understandable symbolic representation. In the 3.5 inch color display, all connected sensors and system status are displayed for the operator.  In addition, slope and height values are displayed. Both sides of the screed can be conveniently operated using a MOBA-matic II, making it unnecessary to change sides. The night design makes it possible for the user to clearly see all details, even in darkness.


System Features

  • Controls the height and slope of the paving screed
  • Offers the world’s largest selection of sensors for leveling systems
  • Flexible sensor combination
  • Simple operation
  • Can be adapted to any machine (hydraulics)
  • Stringline or ground sensing

System Benefits

  • Highly precise results
  • Improves the quality of the road
  • Saves material
  • Increases the paving output of the machine
  • No artificial reference necessary
  • Contactless operation reduces wear

Related System Components


MOBA-matic II

  • Easy to operate – by means of just four buttons
  • Backlit keypad
  • Clear indication of all connected sensors
  • Swift and simple swapping of sensors
  • Clear, visual icon driven instructions
  • LED status indicators
  • Adaptable to all types of hydraulic systems
Temperature Sensor

IR temperature sensor

  • Material temperature measurement
  • Position of sensor is flexible
  • Temperature information in real time
  • Ingress Protection IP65
  • CAN-Interface

Sonic-Ski plus

  • Five contact-free sensors scan the reference surface
  • Extremely precise distance measurement by means of averaging
  • Eliminates all minor irregularities from the final result
  • Provides a continuous virtual level reference
  • Temperature compensation in real-time

Big Sonic-Ski®

  • Combination of up to four Sonic-Ski plus sensor
  • Multiple integrated scanning over a extremely long range (up to 13 meters)
  • Contact-free surface scanning
  • Measurably improved surface flatness
  • Simple mounting and operation
Rotary Sensor

Rotary sensor

  • Can be used under all climatic conditions
  • Operates in stringline and ground sensing modes
  • Measuring range: ±30°
  • Ingress protection IP67
  • CAN-Interface
Wire Rope Sensor

Wire rope sensor

  • Very precise height position measurement for milling applications
  • User can replace the steel wire
  • Measuring range: 500 mm
  • Ingress protection IP54
  • CAN-Interface
Dual Sonic

Dual-Sonic sensor

  • Inexpensive alternative for contact-free ground sensing
  • Real-time temperature compensation
  • Fixed temperature probe
  • Ingress protection IP67
  • CAN-Interface
Slope Sensor

Slope sensor

  • Especially designed for high vibration screeds
  • Ingress protection IP67
  • Slope angle display available simultaneously with level information
  • Simple and easy recalibratable
  • CAN-Interface
Single Sonic

MOBA-Sonic sensor

  • Contact-free ground sensing
  • Real-time temperature compensation
  • Ingress protection IP67
  • CAN-Interface


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