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Pave IR

The PAVE IR Scan quality control system offers the possibility for recording the asphalt temperature during paving. It depicts a temperature profile for the entire project. Temperature differences that lead to thermal segregation of the material and, thus, to premature wear and tear of the road can therefore be determined during the job, resulting in countermeasures to be taken. This quality control system records the temperature data, including GNSS position and weather data. The data can then be evaluated with the Pave Project Manager software. Areas with thermal segregation are detected and further analyzed. Using this data, the system allows conclusions to be drawn about the quality of the asphalt, making possible improvements to the process, and the road quality. Contractors can use this data as evidence of a precision job. They can even get bonus payments based on quality, in the United States and Sweden.

“Tools such as the PAVE-IR Scan help achieve better quality of construction, longer lasting pavements, benefiting the traveling public, of which we are all members.” [Stephen Sebesta, Texas Transportation Institute]


System Features

  • Controls the height and slope of the paving screed
  • Offers the world’s largest selection of sensors for leveling systems
  • Flexible sensor combination
  • Simple operation
  • Can be adapted to any machine (hydraulics)
  • Stringline or ground sensing

System Benefits

  • Highly precise results
  • Improves the quality of the road
  • Saves material
  • Increases the paving output of the machine
  • No artificial reference necessary
  • Contactless operation reduces wear

Related System Components

Operand – On-Board computer

  • 7 inch transflective color display
  • Easy to operate software
  • Data storage and management
  • Clear, visual icon driven instructions
  • Backlit keypad

IR temperature scanner

  • Infrared sensor for measuring material temperature
  • Automatic edge detection functionality
  • Adaptable fixed width functionality
  • Easy and universal mounting options
  • Modular sensor, ready for options
  • Heavy duty hardware with sealed electronics

GNSS antenna

  • High precision antenna (SBAS)
  • Delivers precise coordinates and output to calculate speed and movement of the machine
  • Heavy duty design

Weather station

  • Accurate ambient conditions
  • Air temperature
  • Wind speed
  • Air pressure
  • Humidity

Signal conditioner

  • Possibility to connect up to four additional IR sensors
  • Can be used under all climatic conditions
  • Compact heavy duty design
  • Conversion from I²C to CANopen

Position converter

  • Sends path signal to the system
  • Heavy duty design
  • CAN-Interface

IR temperature sensor

  • Material temperature measurement
  • Position of sensor is flexible
  • Temperature information in real time
  • Ingress Protection IP65
  • CAN-Interface

Acceleration sensor

  • Detects the tamper’s vibration
  • Improves the machine’s driving signal
  • Heavy duty design
  • CAN-Interface


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