Technical After Sales Services

Our network of associates provides a full range of technical after sales services to our clients. This encompasses spare parts supply of genuinely manufactured high quality parts made available to us by our suppliers. Apart from delivering replacement parts, we assist our clients to determine the necessary emergency or stand-by stock based on their particular requirements.

Furthermore, we provide technical training of our clients’ operators on-site by our experienced and highly motivated staff. In this range, we offer both basic training as well as advanced sessions in order to increase the efficiency on-site through use of best-practice examples.


The key propositions of our network to both our clients and suppliers is our ability to help businesses live up to their own potential in our dedicated markets by deploying technologies which contribute greatly to our clients’ operations in terms of precision and efficiency at the lowest possible ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ (TCO), i.e. taking into account both direct (purchasing) as well as indirect (subsequent / running) costs and comparing those to the ROI (return on investment) and the EVA (economic value added) respectively.

With our 40 years of experience in the field, we have grown into a transnationally organized and solidly experienced industrial consultants for both infrastructure projects and industrial machinery, centered on HMI enhancement & automation of construction machinery, substructure & foundation and concrete mixing equipment.

We are dedicated to providing practical, comprehensive professional consultancy services that address any challenges our clients and suppliers.

Project Management

We understand that every company is different and every project is unique. Our global team employs project managers who specialize in managing multinational infrastructure projects and technical specialists to support you along every step of the way.

Through our ever growing network of international supporters, we have developed a world class suite of integrated services. Our project management service includes planning, management, control and delivery of projects on your behalf, ensuring the best total solution to meet your project challenges.

We are committed to delivering results.


In terms of financing, we work with several third-party leasing solution providers. We assist our clients in finding the right partner for their financing needs. By choosing to lease the equipment, the potential impact of the investment is eased and complements the TCO approach we strongly support and follow. In particular, we are aiming to undercut the recurring leasing charges significantly by the recurring savings of the equipment we distribute in comparison to equipment supplied by other sources.