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Objectives and Mission Statement

Vantage Commerce Pte. Ltd, its subsidiaries, and the associated companies Nowitex GmbH and OOO Intelmash are a transnational network of trade proxies and think tanks for infrastructure project management, construction fleet optimization and civil engineering including consultation and financing services in selected territories in South East Asia (SEA) and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). We strive to supply holistic solutions to our clients along the value-added chains in our designated fields. With our team of commercial, technical and legal experts, we are able to deliver critical analyses of projects and can offer qualified advice and supporting products from our carefully chosen and highly competitive portfolio.

Our portfolio is centered on Western-European suppliers who are the technology leaders in their respective fields. Our three distinct product groups are “HMI Enhancement & Automation of Construction Vehicles”, “Foundation & Substructure” , “Concrete Mixing Equipment” and “Sustainability and Green Solutions”.

To our suppliers, we are a reliable, determined, and resourceful partner who is able to market their products with unmatched expertise, commitment and a vast network in the assigned territories.

To our clients, our key values and focal points are continuous commitment to quality, dedicated after sales services and holistic consultation in order to advise on the correct products suitable for the needs and demands of the respective projects. We believe that selling a product is not the final step in a business process but the first step in a long-lasting business relationship with two equal parties.

When determining our portfolio, the single most important product feature for us is a conclusive TCO (total cost of ownership) concept. “Total cost of ownership” is a holistic methodology which takes into account both direct (purchasing) as well as indirect (subsequent / running) costs and compares those to the ROI (return on investment) and the EVA (economic value added) respectively. Through this approach, we ensure that our clients are able to find the optimal balance between performance and quality of the equipment versus their internal budget planning.

Lastly, we believe that providing a highly beneficial working environment for our employees by rewarding the commitment of their talents and full integrity to our cause. We are highly concerned about staff welfare and personal development in order to increase our employees’ individual contributions to the Company.

By consolidating our tradition of several decades and the solid values that derive from it with the passion and expertise of our young and objective-driven team, we truly excel at our main purpose – empowering infrastructure.


The foundation of today’s organization was laid in 1977 in Niedernhausen (Germany), when the company “Nowitex Osthandels GmbH” was founded as trade channel into Russia / Eastern Europe. Nowitex Osthandels GmbH is specialized on German / Western European machinery. During the beginning stages, the trade was concentrated on packaging automation equipment, the scope widened with the relocation of the company to Erbach (Germany) and the opening of the first representative office in Moscow in 1982. While the focus remained to be on industrial processing machinery, Nowitex also managed to be awarded special permits to distribute embargo-affected high technology (such as Personal Computers) in the late 1980s.

With the Perestroika and the end of the Soviet Union, Nowitex entered a restructuring process which was mainly driven by the newly evolving market demands in the modern Russian Federation (and equally in the other members of the Commonwealth of Independent States, CIS).

By the end of this transformation, Nowitex had entered the construction industry, now targeting infrastructure and civil engineering projects and participating in a multitude of highly recognized mega-projects in the Russia Federation, such as the modernization of several main airports around Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Since 2003, Nowitex has been a permanent member of the Association “Russian House for Scientific & Technological Cooperation” which in turn is a branch of the Ministry for Industry, Science and Technologies of the Russian Federation.

Since 2006, Nowitex has been cooperating with its associated company OOO Intelmash (Moscow) for its dealings in the Russian Federation, mainly supervising financials and logistics of the Nowitex transactions.

In 2015, the shareholders of Nowitex have founded Vantage Commerce Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) as single entry point into the South East Asian markets in order to replicate the success story Nowitex and Intelmash have written and continue to write in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States.


The Vantage Group are currently in 5 countries and we are expanding faster than ever.

1. Frankfurt, Germany

Situated strategically in the Greater Frankfurt Area in Central Germany which is both the financial and transit center of mainland Europe, Nowitex GmbH is majorly responsible for the procurement of products which we have carefully chosen as essential parts of our infrastructure-centered portfolio. This includes the liaison with Suppliers on commercial, technical as well as legal levels. Furthermore, Nowitex maintains the relationship to our Key Accounts in Russia and in the Commonwealth of Independent States.

2. Moscow, Russia

OOO Intelmash – located in the heart of Russia’s capital, Moscow – is responsible for direct marketing and sales in Russia as well as dealings with 3rd party financial service providers (such as leasing companies).

3. Singapore, Singapore

Vantage Commerce Pte. Ltd. is conveniently located in the Central Business District (CBD) of Singapore. Singapore is the location of choice for many European suppliers due to its economic and political stability as well as close proximity to the largest economies in ASEAN. Furthermore, Singapore boasts the second largest container port in the world and therefore is one of the global main transit hubs.

4. Jakarta, Indonesia

Immediately after the establishment of our Singapore office, we have experienced unprecedented amount of inquiries and intrest from Indonesia. Therefore, in order to work more closely to our exisiting and new customers, in 2016, we have expanded and established PT. Vantage Infrastructure Indonesia. With our dynamic local staff in Jakarta, we are looking to provide our clients with the local knowledge and market insight, as well as the reach and scale of a global business. We are in a unique position to address the increasingly global needs of our clients.

5. Bangkok, Thailand

Vantage Infrastructure (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Bangkok, Thailand was recently founded to support our clients in Thailand. With technology linking us closer together, Vantage Commerce Pte. Ltd. and Vantage Infrastructure (Thailand) Co., Ltd. work closely as an integrated system with constant interaction among regional colleagues. Through our Bangkok office, we are able to cater for the economic growth in the country and bring our international knowledge to the local market in Thailand.

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