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Concrete is a commonly used and versatile construction material. It is plastic and malleable when newly mixed and it is strong and durable when hardened. Concrete are used to build highways, bridges and sidewalks, among others.



Asphalt is a mixture of a mix of aggregates, binder and filler used for construction. Although asphalt is commonly used for paving roads it also used for various purposes such as roads, airport runways, work sits and floorings.



Earthworks are engineering works to process parts of Earth’s surface which involves quantities of soil or unformed rock. It results in substantial modification to the existing ground terrain, land form or slope. The activities include excavation, formation of new slope, cut and fill operations. These are typically for the development of buildings or structures on the land.



With an awareness of the environmental footprint of construction activities, many leading project owners are taking initiative in minimizing the environmental impact and promoting sustainability throughout the process.


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