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MOBA Mobile Automation AG

Founded in 1972, MOBA has developed into a global player with the market-leading MOBA-levelling technology MOBA-matic II and innovation systems, such as PAVE-IR. MOBA is always known for precise, robust and state-of-the art technologies with a focus on good usability.


Terra-mix Bodenstabilisierungs GmbH

Terra-mix system is an innovative method for ground improvement down to medium depths with the combination of impulse compaction and replacement of base layer.


Zydex Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Zydex has developed, created and provided sustainable eco-friendly chemical technologies for the roads sector and the construction sector. Their unique products provide solutions in overcoming challenges of soil stabilization such as poor flexibility, loss of strength due to wet and dry cycles, inconsistent densities and swell under wet conditions.


Zimmerman Industries Inc.

Zimmerman Industries Inc. developed an innovative means to combine the batching, mixing and delivery into a single machine to deliver fresh batched concrete to site. The cutting-edge designed concrete mixer was patented in 1967.It enhances the performance of the mixer and also reduced maintenance cost by 75%.


Merko CZ, A.S.

MERKO supplies its customers with various types of batching and mixing plants which are designed to produce ready mix concrete as well as concrete mixtures for pre-cast production. The plants can be designed either in stationary or in mobile version. Matter of course is a comprehensive supply of equipment, including additional equipment, such as recycling system, heating and cooling systems or systems for the transport and storage of loose material.


Trios GmbH

TriOS is one of the leading companies in the field of oil-in-water monitoring and thus makes a significant contribution to the reduction of pollution from oil spills.  Since 2011, the TriOS product range has rapidly  expanded far beyond the field of marine technology out in the water quality, in the drinking water and wastewater monitoring and many industrial applications.


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