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The quality of any construction project is initially determined by the stability of the ground. Through representation of our partner Terra-Mix Bodenstabilisierungs GmbH, we are able to deliver their proven technologies for impulse compaction, ground stabilization and road renovation to our assigned territories in SEA and CIS.

Impulse compaction refers to the methodology of dropping a weight of 9 metric tons onto a steel plate (compactor foot) at a frequency of 40-60 blows / minute. Through this continuous energy transfer, the sub-soil is being homogenized.

Ground stabilization describes the process of applying a protective replacement carrier layer onto soil which would be otherwise too unstable as a substructure for construction projects.

Road renovation is the resource-saving procedure of recycling the old anddeteriorated surface layer of an asphalt road in order to produce a new and stable carrying layer which then in turn is paved with a thin asphalt layer –rather than removing and disposing the complete road.

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