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We are also proud to offer Zimmerman Industries Volumetric Truck Mixers.

After several years of intensive research and development, Zimmerman Industries Inc. developed an innovative means to combine the batching, mixing and delivery into a single machine to deliver fresh batched concrete to site. The cutting-edge designedconcrete mixer was subsequently patented in 1967.

With over 2000 of these mobile concrete mixers produced, Zimmerman Industries continue to develop and improve on the patented mobile concrete mixer, making it more efficient, more durable and easier to operate and maintain. With additional patents granted, the new generation of volumetric truck mixer, Zim-Mixers was introduced and manufactured.

The Zim-Mixers unit utilizes individual chains to move sand, stone, and cement into the mixing chamber and not only did this enhance the performance of the mixer but also reduced maintenance cost by75%. Being only one of its kind, Zim-Mixers remains the only volumetric mixer with this technology allowing Zimmerman Industries to be the market leader in the industry.

Volumetric Truck Mixer
Volumetric Concrete Mixers

Volumetric Truck Mixer

Highly mobile concrete mixing solution which can be easily mounted on any truck. 

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