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HMI Enhancement & Automation of Construction Vehicles

In the field of construction vehicle fleet optimization, we are proud to distribute MOBA Mobile Automation AG as well as Maintenel LLC products in selected countries in South East Asia (SEA) and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Our portfolio is centered on improving the human-machine interface (HMI) of construction vehicles.


Substructure, Layer Improvement and Additives 

The quality of any construction project is initially determined by the stability of the ground. Through representation of our partner Terra-Mix Bodenstabilisierungs GmbH, we are able to deliver their proven technologies for impulse compaction, ground stabilization and road renovation to our assigned territories in SEA and CIS.


Concrete Mixing Equipment

The construction industry today is witnessing an increasing demand for concrete mixing equipment which is capable of producing quality concrete in faster timing. This pushes companies like Merko CZ and Zimmerman Industries to research and develop new approaches to provide solutions that suit the requirements of the market. By offering customizable concrete plants from Merko CZ and the patented, innovative volumetric truck mixer from Zimmerman Industries, we are delighted to represent these cutting edge technologies in our designated territories.


Sustainability and Green Solutions

Committing to environmental causes, Vantage Commerce has joined force with TriOS GmbH in 2018 to deliver optical immersion sensors. We also offer Zydex Nanotechnology for water resistant soil bases for paved, gravel and soil roads. With these unique products and innovative applications, we are on our way to leading a revolution world over.


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